our story

Hi. We’re James and Sandy Hughes, and we’re excited to bring to south Austin a great new gathering spot. For more than 10 years we’ve dreamed of taking the things we value and inviting you into our extended “living room,” so to speak.  In the summer of 2012 (beginning an epic 18 month journey), we began to plan serious life and career changes, with the intent to find out if this dream could be come reality – or, better said, with EVERY intent to see this dream become reality. After a long search, and with help from our STARTERS, partners, other local shop owners and our awesome realtor (Dan McKinley of LEAD Commercial) the time has arrived. SCP is opening our first location in the town of Sunset Valley (an Austin suburb) in July/August of 2014!

We love people. Community. Seeing strangers become friends. Direct Trade coffee. Local hand crafted ales. Live music. Local artists. Social causes and community service. Honestly, we love LIFE and love doing life with others, and we bring these passions and values into our venture as owners and operators.

Stouthaus Coffee is a specialty coffee shop emphasizing Direct Market, locally roasted coffee and hand crafted espresso drinks. Combining this with our offerings of local and national craft beer, and food from local vendors, we think you’re gonna love it here. We can’t wait to have you over, and join us in the next chapter of this “STOUT” story.