Indonesia - Blue Sunda Estate

Indonesia - Blue Sunda Estate

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Producer: Preanger, West Java
Altitude: 1500-1600 masl
Variety: Typica, Ateng
Process: Semi-Washed 
Notes: Tobacco, Green Pepper, Caraway

This wet-hulled coffee is bright, with a creamy mouthfeel complemented with hints of spices that finish with very subtle earthy notes characteristic of coffee from Java. We recommend brewing this coffee for a full-bodied drip coffee or a robust, rich cold brew!

Wet hulling, or Giling Basah, is a type of coffee processing that is unique to Indonesia and is used in this wonderfully balanced Blue Sunda Estate coffee from West Java. Despite sounding similar to wet processing, the most common type of coffee processing, wet hulling is actually quite different. The most distinct aspect being the process to which the outside layers of the coffee beans are removed. They are fermented then processed by a wet-huller machine before the final drying period. This process is beneficial to Indonesian farms as it helps expedite the coffee processing times in the extremely damp environment present in Indonesia.

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